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Amalia Lopez

Amalia Lopez is a Curriculum and Instruction Specialist in Lindsay Unified School District. At the core of her work is the guiding belief that all learners can learn if all educators are willing, all opportunities are present, and if learners are empowered to take control of their learning. She develops curriculum and assessments for learners in 6th - 12th grade in Lindsay's Performance Based System, provides support and professional development for district personnel, and facilitates the instructional use of district curriculum support systems, including Reading Plus. She began her career as an educator in Lindsay as a high school English teacher and has served in many roles, including department chair, AVID teacher and coordinator, and secondary literacy specialist. In 2015, she received her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction for English Learners. She helped author the recently published book about Lindsay Unified, Beyond Reform: Systemic Shifts Towards Personalized Learning. In addition, she instructs pre-service and intern teachers in instructional pedagogy towards their teaching credential.

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"People learn in different ways and different times”

Posted by Amalia Lopez on February 28, 2017 at 10:00 PM

To understand the critical impact Reading Plus is having in Lindsay Unified, one only need to ask Jon, an 8th grader at Jefferson Learning Community.

“When I started in Reading Plus as a 7th grader, I was around the C level. I was really behind in reading. By the end of last year, I hit the 8th grade level in reading. This year, I’m working at the 11th grade level.”

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