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Karen Feller

Karen Feller has been in the field of education for over 25 years. She began her carer as a classroom teacher and became a reading specialist and eventually a school administrator, after earning her master's degree in reading and learning disabilities. She's worked with the Reading Plus program in a variety of capacities for the last 14 years. As someone who is passionate about helping students become lifelong readers and learners she is grateful that her current role as Director of Education allows her to continue this pursuit. Karen lives in Miami and although reading is one of her favorite hobbies, nothing brings her greater joy than spending time with her family and friends.

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Motivation?  There’s an App For That!

Posted by Karen Feller on Dec 15, 2016 7:00:00 AM

I recently ran my first 5K. Why, you may ask, am I telling you this? Fair question. See, I had always loved the idea of being a runner. The fantasy: I’m stretching in my driveway, then casually start out with a slow jog, hitting my stride as Tom Sawyer by Rush begins pulsing through my headphones. The reality: I just wasn’t very good at running. I couldn’t even make it to the end of my block! Over the years I’d tried many methods to improve. I’d keep at it for a while, but it was hard and the results came too slowly. I wanted to be racking up miles and instead I was struggling to rack up minutes. Ultimately, each attempt would end with my running shoes shoved in the back of my closet. So what made it different this time? This time, despite the fact that I was not a runner, never had been, and didn’t even much like running, I got motivated and stayed motivated. How? Well, there’s an app for that!

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