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Welcome To Our New Blog!

Mark Taylor | Apr 18, 2016 at 09:21 AM
Mark Taylor

Welcome!  I’m pleased and excited to launch the new Reading Plus Rethink Reading blog.  

I know.  We’re not exactly trailblazing bloggers here. We’re late--probably by about a decade if we stop to count. But, we boldly declare, this shall not hold us back.  Actually, we believe that now, more than ever, is the right time for a Reading Plus blog.  Here’s why...


 First – My family has been researching, designing, and developing innovative ways to improve independent silent reading with technology since the 1930s. You read that right..the 1930s. My grandfather built some of the first silent reading assessment and “interventions” with machines more than eight decades ago. At Reading Plus, we’ve always believed in the power of technology to unleash greater human potential….and ironically are now entering the collective dialogue regarding the role edtech will play in transforming education.

We’ve developed some core beliefs that are firmly held by all of us here at Reading Plus - it starts with understanding the relationship between reading and human potential. Sometimes, those of us (myself included) who dedicate our efforts to making a difference...lose sight of our ultimate goal. Helping improve the reading ability of students who have struggled for years is tough work. We can stumble, and begin to believe that instituting personalized, blended, one-to-one solutions is our end game...as opposed to a means to an end. It’s easy to fall sway to the weight we all share in improving measures of student’s cognitive achievement. It’s easy to forget that reading, at the end of the day, is about increasing our capacity to integrate insight, knowledge, and joy.

This blog will be our attempt to positively contribute to a dialogue regarding educational values, measures, and means.

Second –  This blog is, for you. At the risk of presuming too much on your behalf, our goal is to make this blog a place where you, a community of educators, will come for information and insights. We’ll offer recent research, case studies, and best practices that address the cognitive, physical, and emotional dimensions of reading and learning. Sounds like a lot...and it is. It’s our mission. Being an effective educator requires incredible EQ as well as IQ. We have a rich history that pulls interdisciplinary research into practice. We’ll provide expert perspectives from multiple vantage points and share progressive classroom practices to help you serve your students even better.  A place to learn from peers, education thought leaders, the latest research, and, if we do our job well, from us too.  

Finally – This blog is intended for us both, together.  Our teachers often tell us they welcome a healthy dose of inspiration from time to time. When teaching kids, Tuesday’s success is often followed by Wednesday’s setback. A reminder of why we all chose this work in the first place helps.  So, please share your everyday experiences, your difficult lessons, your unedited joys. We will do the same, and look forward to collectively advancing all of our thinking and practices.

In this first post, I want to extend a very clear and genuine invitation to you - please contribute, post, comment, engage.

Let's rethink reading together. Let the conversations begin.

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