Get Lost! (In a Good Book)

Randi Bender | Jul 30, 2018 at 08:00 AM
Randi Bender

One of the greatest pleasures is to get lost in a good book. Getting lost because of a good book can also be satisfying – I know, because it happened to me. I was commuting home after a long day at work, re-reading one of my favorite books, Babbitt, by Sinclair Lewis. The words on the pages pulled me into the story, and I was soon transported from the overcrowded bus to the world of George Babbitt and his fictional town of Zenith, which was so unlike my own hometown. About 50 pages later I glanced up from the text and realized I had missed my bus stop. Of course, there was a silver lining to this misadventure: I was able to read even more pages on the bus ride back to my own neighborhood.

I was the kid who hid under the bed covers with a flashlight, far past my bedtime, blissfully reading books in my dark bedroom. It didn't really matter what kind of book I was reading – it only mattered that I was reading something that pulled me into the pages and let me get lost for a little while. When I was a young child, it was picture books of faraway places. As an older child, I was drawn to biographies of people who overcame obstacles to achieve great things.

I no longer needed to hide my late-night reading habits when I was a teenager – I stayed up late, the bedroom lights on, to read historical fiction that described the lives of people who lived in places I would see only through the words in books. As an adult, I still encounter new people and new worlds through books.

The Reading Plus team understands the power that books can have on students of all ages. That's why we built a program that does more than teach students how to become better readers – we also help them discover the pleasure of reading and getting lost in a book. How do we do that? By creating a library of high-interest, high-quality texts that inspire students to want to read more. Our proprietary stories are a gateway to a lifetime of reading.

Books open our eyes to beauty we might not otherwise see, open our minds to ideas we do not already know, and open our hearts to a world that extends far beyond our own bus stop.

Introducing the new Reading Plus Poster Series. The posters are inspired by the emotional power of reading and feature four of our favorite texts. We’re hoping one will soon be on your classroom wall, inspiring your students to read.




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