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Teacher Appreciation Day 2018

Kelly Scannell | May 8, 2018 at 03:06 PM
Kelly Scannell

Today’s the special day to show our appreciation and pile the love on all the teachers of this world. We celebrate you today because of WHY you got into teaching in the first place—to make a difference and change students’ lives.

Mrs. Mark, my 9th grade English teacher, had a tremendous impact on me. She pushed us hard and expected our best work every day. Her style was tough love mixed with a sharp wit and fun. She turned reading classics like Great Expectations, Of Mice & Men, and To Kill a Mockingbird into thinking and learning adventures for us awkward teenagers. We matured under her leadership. Ten years after I took her class, I was an 8th grade English teacher, desperately trying to channel her style and best practices.

We have the privilege of working with teachers every day. You teach us so much—the Reading Plus program keeps getting more valuable and effective for students because of your generous and candid feedback, wise counsel, and excellent ideas.



For some of your students, you’re their touchstone, their rock. You’re the consistent, safe and reliable adult in their life every day. They count on you. They trust you. I bet you need 100 hands to count the number of lives you’ve changed!

It has been an especially busy year for many of you. Teachers have made the headlines all over the country as they fight for safe schools and fair pay. More than ever, you deserve to hear that your work is valued and that you make a difference.

I asked my colleagues to reflect on the teachers who impacted their lives, and we captured their stories in this short video. It’s a small gesture but I hope you feel how much we appreciate and value the great work you do. You’re amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

High-fives and big hugs from all of your fans here at Reading Plus!

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